The development of «crude» and sale of residential projects under implementation to support housing beneficiaries

Heading the Housing Ministry to launch the second level of the partnership program with the private sector, which is based on the private sector to take advantage of land for the construction of residential projects or paid, after the rehabilitation in preparation for distribution to eligible residential program for support.

He revealed Mohamed Lzimaia Undersecretary of the Ministry of Housing Planning and Studies, on the distribution of a new batch of residential projects to beneficiaries in: Zulfi, spears, Onaizah, Riad experts, Hanakia, Al Khobar, Tabuk, Shannan, Hail, Sakaka 1; a total of 5351 residential product, in addition to the 28 640 Others have been allocated in 18 different location.

And concluded on Thursday last evening in Riyadh events real estate forum accompanying the exhibition Riyadh Real Estate and Urban Development (Rystadtks 18) workshop on: Evaluation of the Ministry of partnership housing with real estate developers in the implementation of projects program, where Mohamed Lzimaia, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Housing, Planning and Studies spoke, and said that the partnership mechanism be through the rehabilitation of real estate development companies first, then the allocation of the specific development of the pieces, then designs, and talked about what has been accomplished so far in the partnership program launched by the ministry for the establishment of housing projects on the territory of the ministry, for the construction of residential units (Villas) or for the development of infrastructure and the provision of Lands residential pumped to eligible residential program for support. He revealed the New Partnership for Ministry programs, which plans to launch first and foremost the development of housing projects to the private sector land, through: Marketing List residential projects, or residential projects under construction, or projects granted a license to sell on the map system, or land ore and final would be acceptable when Developer offers idea fit the ministry orientations, so give him a ministry stimuli, support and marketing .. He pointed out that the engineer Lzimaia partnership on the territory of the private sector to be in total after rehabilitation projects, and make sure the potential of serious developer.

He revealed Lzimaia for the establishment of a permanent exhibition of residential products managed by the private sector, in Dammam and Jeddah, similar to what took place in Riyadh.

Then Jordan Duweish Prime governance Real Estate Development Company spoke about his company in the partnership program experience with the Ministry of Housing which was won by recently within the Dammam project, and said that a very old partnership programs, including the Partnership for Aramco program since the fortieth year, pointing to the new program launched by Housing Ministry , an innovative and grazing the private sector needs, and more importantly, it serves the needs of citizens, and expressed Duweish optimism in the program to solve the housing problem, stressing the experience of governance company in the development sector will see the ministry, especially that the housing subsidy program data showed that 70% of the persons entitled to support them with middle-income to high (from 6 thousand riyals to 30 thousand riyals).

Duweish and he demanded that take into account the strategy of the Ministry of Housing orientations development companies that girl plans to build on this strategy, which is to support the real estate development sector to provide housing units fit persons entitled to support.

Then head Abdulrahman Al Arifi supply company, we find the real estate partnership program occur, pointing to the company’s success in creating a distinctive agree with the terms and requests for the Ministry of Housing.

And witnessed the event in his second day of a workshop on sale on a map, where Mohammed bin Saud Ghazouani Secretary General of the Commission on the sale of real estate units occur on the map, the Ministry of Commerce, in advance simplified explanation for sale on a map and the most important conditions, objectives and most important of which enable investors to get a real estate unit with high specifications and pay comfortable, during the first workshop, pointing out that the value of units offered for sale on a map of more than thirteen billion riyals.

As touched Fahd Al Amer Board Secretary and Director of Real Estate Development funding programs that fund sales on a map process will spend in the future on waiting lists or reduce the duration. He spoke Majed Abdullah Hugail member of the Real Estate Committee Chamber of Commerce, one of the leading real estate developers in the Kingdom; for some important aspects of the role of real estate developer in sales on a map programs and the most important obstacles facing the sector, said some of the important solutions to achieve sales on a map objectives program, and moderated by Musa bin nausea Alkatiri Commission for Real Property contributions Ministry of Commerce and adviser during the workshop has many of the interventions that have affected attendance and contributed to the discussion by highlighting the most important thing the public wants from this program, which count on it as one of the important solutions to the problem of housing in the UK.

And it was held on the third day and under the supervision of the Real Estate Committee Balgrqh of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh, a panel discussion on the causes of land rise and financing developers and their impact on home ownership, in which he talked in the beginning Abdullah bin Ibrahim Howaish Managing Director of the World Amlak Finance, eating a presentation of the reality of the mortgage market in the UK, He pointed out that total consumer loans increased from 198.835 million riyals in the year 2010 about 75% to the tune of 348.350 million riyals in 2014, as total real estate loans increased from 32.978 million in 2010 to 185.76% to the tune of 94.241 million Saudi riyals even the end of 2014. Howaish He pointed out that the global Amlak Finance Company, which is the first Saudi company to obtain an operating mortgage finance license by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency in accordance with the system of mortgage law and established in 2007, has succeeded in building more than 6,000 residential units in the market support real estate financing over five billion riyals.

For his part, eating d. Badr bin Ibrahim bin happy General Manager of Al-company Saedan Real Estate and a member of the Real Estate Committee Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh, real estate development and listed real estate development steps that begin with access to the appropriate location, then the work of feasibility studies, then licenses, designs, followed by the financing, construction, and finally Marketing Whether prepared for sale, or rent, and finally operating. In another workshop, Mohammed Daoud yoke Vice Chairman of the Training Committee and a member of the Real Estate Committee talked about the reasons for the high real estate prices, distributed these reasons among stakeholders: municipalities, Justice, trusts, and the Ministry of Housing, and landowners. And moderated by colleague Khaled Rbaish.

The Housing Minister-designate d. Essam bin Saad bin Said has disclosed during the opening of the exhibition Riyadh Real Estate «Rystadtks 18» that the ministry will strengthen its support for the real estate sector development through coordination with the Ministry of Municipalities to reduce the period of the license for residential schemes to sixty days measures pointing out that this step aims to raise supply products residential and accelerate ..

The minister praised the efforts of the private sector and its partnership to the ministry, stressing that the new orientation of the ministry comes from in order to accelerate access to housing provided to citizens and be done according to the directives of the wise leadership, pointing out that the success of the private real estate sector of the success of the ministry and vice versa.


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