Vision, Mission and Strategy



To set the standards of Construction Excellence.


Enhancing Al-Jabreen contracting Business by applying the standard of excellence for quality, cost effective and landmark construction projects that meet customer’s needs, improve the loyalty, efficiency as well as well-being of shareholders and staff.

Corporate Strategy

Al-Jabreen contracting overall strategy is based on a continuous improvement process of setting objectives, measuring results, and providing feedback to facilitate further growth and progress.[/fusion_li_item][fusion_li_item icon=””]Al-Jabreen contracting plans to rapidly develop strategic alliances with industry leaders.[/fusion_li_item][fusion_li_item icon=””]Al-Jabreen Contracting corporate strategy is to improve the performance of its activities on all of its projects. Al-Jabreen contracting will do this by capitalizing on its core strengths, equipments, design engineering expertise, and project management, within a safe environment.